Anders Petersen's City Diary

Now available, the first three volumes of Swedish photographer Anders Petersen's City Diary [Steidl]. Since the 1960s Anders Petersen has been documenting life beyond the margins of polite society, a world including prostitutes, transvestites, alcoholics, night-time lovers and adult conflict. Petersen photographs his subjects with a candid somewhat detached eye, and is able to disclose unpleasant realities such as drug abuse with a sense of bewilderment and currency. City Diary is an ambitious series of books ahowing Petersen's ongoing photographic engagement with life in the shadows in cities including Stockholm, Tokyo and St Petersburg. Anders Petersen's books are some of the most collectable produced by any living photographer. City Diary is the beginning of an open-ended book series which will be added to periodically and will available when ready. Together they will comprise one of the most exciting book works ever made. You purchase the first three volumes of City Diary here