Patric Fallon is Courtship

I was intrigued at first by the hopeful sounding name of the album: Hope; and then by the title of one of the tracks: Dishwater Blonde. Courtship (a.k.a. Brooklyn resident Patric Fallon) has just released his latest EP, the seven-track Hope, as a free download. Over a year in the making, the Hope EP is the first installment of Courtship's Virtues trilogy, which will soon be followed by the Faith and Grace EPs. Hope was written by Fallon throughout San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Chicago, and is a pop-focused meditation on the ideas of hopefulness and hopelessness. The EP has a few gems like the track My View and My Friends and Patric Fallon's voice has just the right amount of angst riding over his melodious beats. Fallon is also certainly an artist to keep on your radar and if a record label gave him the right amount of time and money his music will just keep getting better. You can stream and download the Hope EP for free via  Courtship's bandcamp page.