Richard Kern New Book, Exhibition

Created in collaboration with Japanese hair salon/publishing house Salon Shizen a new book featuring photographs by Richard Kern, entitled 10:41, it features new images of young bodies "frolicking in the leafy Connecticut countryside." The series features very  prominently Kern's favorite symbole of youth and nubile eroticism: the cell phone; hence the name of the book is the time on most everyone's phone  when he took them and put them in a pile. The book is is available at Salon Shizen and Opening Ceremony. Come March, Kern is set to release Shot By Kern, his first Taschen book in four years, chronicling his experience doing a video series for Vice called Shot By Kern, in which the magazine films his shoots and interviews his models. The monograph is to be accompanied by an hour and 20 minutes of footage and a New York exhibition some time in the next year.