[FIRST LOOK] Music Video for Jessica Holter Goddess Eyes II

Julia Holter and director Yelena Zhelezov have collaborated once again in video form. Having previously worked together on the video for Moni Mon Amie from Holter's 2012 album Ekstasis, the two Los Angeles-based artists (and friends) constructed a landscape over which Holter's all-seeing eye purveys the predictable events turned inexplicably preposterous. "The video for Julia's 'Goddess Eyes II' is inspired by the Latin phrase 'deus ex machine,'" says Zhelezov. "In theater, deus ex machina is plot device for seemingly unresolvable dramaturgical situations. The video is in tribute to Euripides and the literary spirit of the song that the video was conceived and directed.The video is Holter's sixth and final video from Ekstasis.