Veronesi Rose by Camille Vivier

Brussels based publishing house Shelter Press presents Camille Vivier's new book titled Veronesi Rose. Born in Paris in 1977, Camille Vivier started her photography career as an assistant in Purple magazine. After studying at the Grenoble Fine Arts School and Saint Martins, she dedicated herself entirely to photography and works at the same time in the art and fashion worlds. Camille Vivier explains her her new book: "Girls lying on concrete dinosaurs are facing obsolete neon signs. Broken, knocked down, abstract, discarded, left there. The girls are naked, in black and white, static. The neons are colored, saturated like comic strip boxes. Prehistoric monsters, mysterious beauties follow and merge with relics of modern cities. Metals, skins and stones collide. Pages unattached slide and mix to deceive time and order."