Skye Nicolas M*DEL F*CKR

Fashion week is almost here and for some people that means models on the runway, but for other people that means models in the bedroom. Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Mick Jagger, Mickey Rourke, and Madonna have all been there. It seems models just can’t resist. In fashion, film and finance it’s par for the course. New York-based artist Skye Nicolas has a knack for taking the ironic and the ridiculous and mixing it with the pure, distilled fuel of gossip (sometimes about himself) and notions of celebrity (sometimes his own), and turns it into socially poignant pieces of art. Nicolas’ new series, fittingly called M*DEL F*CKR, which includes 90's style logo tees and beanies, is a tongue-in-cheek ode to those who partake in certain dalliances with the aforementioned genetically gifted. Even Nicolas himself has been caught in the rumor mill with his own trysts caught on a webcam at The Mark Hotel in New York leaving some to call him a M*DEL F*CKR. Transforming the colloquial term into a recognizable logo graphic playfully de-stigmatizes its instinctively incendiary context and replacing it with affectionate banter intended to praise, becoming the ultimate compliment promising unabated adulation. It's no surprise that a handful of top agency girls have already gotten hold of the merchandise, and have been spotted at New York Fashion Week castings wearing M*DEL F*CKR tees and beanies. Head over to Induced Nostalgia and get yourself a logo tee for $30 bucks (same price for beanies). The tees are truly authentic in their 90's style cut and Loosey-Goosey Sizing™, uniquely coined by the artist. Grab one now for Fashion Week before they're gone forever!