My Alchemical Romance: Read Our Conversation With Alia Raza and Ezra Woods Of Regime Des Fleurs, An Art Collective Disguised As A Luxury Perfume Brand

Ezra Woods and Alia Raza’s alchemical romance started about ten years ago with a mutual love of flowers. It should be noted that Ezra and Alia are not a romantic couple, but they are bound by some other fateful and supernatural force of nature that allows for their close collaborative efforts. After ten years as close friends, the pair decided to start Regime Des Fleurs, a “postmodern lifestyle art-practice” disguised as a luxury perfume brand. Before starting the brand, Alia was a video artist in New York City and Ezra was a stylist in Los Angeles, but they weren’t exactly satisfied with where their careers were going. A few weeks ago, we met with the pair at Ezra’s grandfather’s estate on a bluff in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean. His grandfather is a lover of flowers – greenhouses and pastures of rare flowers and flora overtake the property – with a few chickens and roosters thrown in for good measure. It is understandable where Ezra’s love of organic fragrances comes from. Alia is just as infatuated, and in the following interview recalls being enraptured by the perfumes on her mother’s vanity. Read the rest here