First Look At Oneohtrix Point Never's Two Part Music Video In Collaboration With Jon Rafman

Nine days from the release of the new widely-anticipated Oneohtrix Point Never album Garden of Delete, a new single “Sticky Drama” and accompanying film by Jon Rafman and Daniel Lopatin has been released today. The short film /music video is released in two parts.  “Sticky Drama” is arguably the irregular-beating-heart and lyrical inspiration of Garden of Delete. It ensnares Lopatin’s hyper-attuned pop tendencies, as well as his reckless sonic trips into the void, and emerges as beautiful vertigo; a thorny, encompassing, truly groundbreaking classic. With a cast of over 35 children, the film tunes into this musical ambition, bringing to life a fantastical world in which characters are on a quest, battling for dominance and in a race against time to archive past histories. Inspired by the costumes, staging and extended improvised narratives of Live Action Role Play (LARP), the video reflects the vivid, often violent world of children’s imaginations and games, as well as extending both artists’ ongoing investigation into appropriation, the nature of memory and the horror of data loss. The piece was originally commissioned by the Zabludowicz Collection in conjunction with Warp Records. An alternative edit of it has been showing as part of Rafman’s multi-format exhibition currently showing in London.