Filthy Gorgeous Explores A Half Decade of Wild Nights In Camden Town, London

Self taught photographer Robert Lang grew up in Durban, South Africa, but moved to Camden Town, London, in 2001. With his day job, er, night job, as a fashion photographer and correspondent, he started to spend a lot of wild nights out on the town where he began to photograph some of the locals. Never intending for the series to become public, what would become Filthy Gorgeous was a photographic diary of sorts to laugh at the next day – perhaps as a cure to alleviate the impending hang over. Lang says he calls the series Filthy Gorgeous "because all of us ran wild living, working and partying in Camden and we had no inhibitions." He also says, "These women represented everything about our period at that time in London and were smart, fashionable and witty." Bruised, bloody and bloody bruised, the characters in these photographs – many of them friends of the photographer – have moved on from their party life, which makes these images all the more indicative of a rare and special moment in time.