Bruce LaBruce Celebrates MoMA Retrospective @ Nowhere Bar

Transgressive queercore director  Bruce LaBruce is flying high right now; his first MoMA exhibition opened up last night and Bruce went out to party. The exhibition itself is a monumental achievement; LaBruce may be one of the more extreme artists to ever have work shown at MoMA. Depicting scenes of sexual fetish and paraphillia, BDSM, gang rape, racially-motivated violence, amputee fetishism and more, LaBruce has managed to turn controversy into his own brand of queer celebrating and sex positive art. MoMA itself has compared LaBruce favorably to Robert Altman and Federico Fellini as a true auteur when discussing the choice for the exhibition. So where did LaBruce go out to celebrate his achievement? Nowhere Bar, of course. The infamous gay bar proved to be a perfect setting for LaBruce to party and dance with friends and muses like performance artist Kembra Phahler and writer and nightlife personality Ladyfag , as well as many more adoring friends and fans.  One half expects extreme things to be surrounding Bruce at all times, but tonight was actually a mellow night where Bruce drank, hugged friends, danced and basked in the glory. Text and photographs by Adam Lehrer