Danger and Desire: Read Our Interview With Elizabeth Harper, AKA Class Actress, On the Occasion of Her New Album

You either have to be extremely bold, or be on the same record label, to call the legendary Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder, known to the younger generation for his recent collaboration with Daft Punk, and known to the older generation for his soundtracks to films such as “American Gigolo” and “Scar Face.” For Elizabeth Harper, otherwise known as Class Actress, she is both bold and on the same label – Casablanca Records – that Moroder has been making disco hits for, such as Donna Summer’s I Feel Love, since the 70s. Back in 2012, we interviewed Elizabeth Harper where she presciently mentions her wish to take her work into a more cinematic realm, which is fitting: her new album (which is out now) is called “Movies” and is more cinematic than ever, especially with Moroder on board. Click here to read the full interview.