Todd Hido: Selections from a Survey @ Casemore Kirkeby in San Francisco

Casemore Kirkeby presents its inaugural exhibition, Todd Hido: Selections from a Survey, which is currently being held at the gallery's interim project space in San Francisco's Mission District. This installation, drawn from Oakland-based Hido's ever-expanding archive, invites viewers to dwell on the images and ideas that have followed him throughout his career, continually finding new manifestations in his work. This selection focuses on Hido's primary model Khrystyna - a tacit partner in his cinematic narratives, and a shape shifter in the nightscapes, interiors, and psychological landscapes that she haunts. The result is a deeply personal collection of imagery, often drawn from Hido's own biography and his childhood home of Kent, Ohio - the place that has guided his sustained inquiry into the darker aspects of American suburban life, investigated through the lens of his own imperfect memory. The selection includes several new, never before published works by Hido, along with classic pieces that become elements in the carefully composed sequences of this exhibition. Todd Hido: Selections from a Survey will be on view until August 15, at Casemore Kirkeby, 3328 22nd St. at Valencia in San Francisco.