Follow The Incredible Journey of Amaury and Chloé On Their Magical Journey Through South America

The story of Parisian couple Amaury and Chloé is a real life choose-your-own adventure story. At the end of 2014 they graduated from university. At that moment, the realization that they had to get a real job began to sink in, deeper and deeper, like quicksand. That’s when they decided to drop everything and travel to South America, to discover “…The beautiful, the weird and the funny in this world.” Both extremely appreciative of handicrafts and anyone that who works with his or her hands, Amaury Laparra and Chloé Chausson decided to not only travel, but also to seek out those craftspeople in the deep jungles and mountain climes – “to discover their ‘savoir-faire’ and philosophy of life.” To document the trip, they created a blog – called Holy Patte, which is a combination of “patte de l’artiste” (a French expression that translates to ‘the artist’s hand’) and “holy moly.” Holly Patte a hybridization of cultural colloquialisms that would perfectly sum up their entire four-month trip – yes, four months! Fortunately, Autre discovered their blog and decided to collaborate with Holy Patte to reach a broader audience for their incredible and rare photographic journey that started in Costa Rica and ended in Chile. It should be noted that Amaury is the firestarter, driver and photographer and Chloé is in charge of getting lost, translation and writing. Their documentation is an astounding record of some of the rarest and strangest landscapes in the world. Click here to see the first leg of their trip in Costa Rica.