Inside Marc Jacobs’ Incredible Party To Celebrate the Launch of Chris von Wangenheim's Gloss

Marc Jacobs threw a raucous party for the late Chris von Wangenheim's monograph, entitled Gloss, at his store across the street from Bookmarc in New York. The theme: ’70s glamour, excess, and gloss. A widely circulated invite called for “fur coats over lingerie, lip gloss, Jerry Hall side-swept hair, sequins, gold lame turbans, Patti Hearst symbionese liberation army gear, rogue, rollerina chic, sheer harem pants, mini skirts and muscular legs, platinum records as head gear, sequins, Grace Jones butch realness, Gloss-y skin, bleached eyebrows, slits, riding in on a white horse, sequins, sky high stilettos, mirrored aviators, metal mesh, cowl neckline halters, or eyes of Laura Mars chic. No flat shoes. No matte surfaces. No natural looks.” Click here to purchase the book.  photographs by Christian Högstedt