Daisuke Yokota "Color Photographs" Is The Acclaimed Japanese Artist's First Exhibition In the U.S.

Harper’s Books, in conjunction with Flying Books, Tokyo, presented an exhibition of new work by Daisuke Yokota over the weekend. Color Photographs marks Daisuke Yokota’s first exhibition in the United States. Celebrated internationally for his interdisciplinary and energetic approach to art and bookmaking, this show will focus on the artist's experiments with color photography, a body of work distinct from the black and white images, zines, and books for which he is known. With this series, as Yokota explains, he “tried not to take pictures,” and instead sought to “draw out the physical aspect of film.” Yokota layered sheets of unused large format color film and applied unorthodox developing methods before scanning the results. Here, documentation is replaced with darkroom alchemy in order to show that the essence of photography rests not necessarily with the camera, but in film itself. You can also purchase a signed first edition monograph featuring these magnificent color photographs. This exhibition will also be view at Harper's Books in East Hampton from September 26 to December 1, 2015. photographs by Adam Lehrer