Watch Small Black's Incredibly Touching and Cinematic Music Video for the Track Boy's Life

Small Black's music video for the track Boy's Life, off their upcoming album Best Blues (out on October 16th on Jagjaguar),  is a burst of youthful exuberance and heartache that may leave a lump in your throat. The video was directed by the inimitable Nick Bentgen who has been working with the band since its inception in 2009. Starting with the “Despicable Dogs” video from the Small Black EP, Bengten and the band have collaborated on three other videos since then. Small Black lead singer Josh Kolenik says of Bentgen, “He functions almost as a fifth band member, assigning images to the sounds that come out of our heads, populating them with sprawling casts and endless locales, yet never missing the quiet moment. With ‘Boys Life,’ he's getting at a simple reflection on being young, and the many identities we all try out on our paths to figuring out how we might be. Falling through the city on the way to our lives.”