Dean Levin's First Solo Show "XTC" In Los Angeles @ Kohn Gallery

Dean Levin’s solo exhibition XTC at Kohn Gallery, the artist’s first in Los Angeles, presents a refined iteration of Levin’s ongoing investigation into space, perception, and architecture. At once conceptually utilizing and physically inhabiting the gallery space, the works on view offer discrete moments of architectural deconstruction and reconfiguration, prompting the viewer to objectively consider the space itself, while maintaining a subjective engagement with the resultant products of Levin’s investigatory gesture. Made up of three separate sculptural “vignettes” demarcated by discrete swaths of carpet on the gallery floor, the exhibition can be viewed as an experiential installation whose totality is more than the sum of its various formal parts. Dean Levin: XTC will be on view until February 27, 2016 at Kohn Gallery, 1227 Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper