A True Cultural Oasis: We Look Back At A Legendary Year In The Nightlife Of Tenants Of The Trees

When Tenants Of The Trees descended upon a relatively quiet nook of Silver Lake, no one really knew what to expect; not the inhabitants of Silver Lake or denizens throughout the glittering, panting sprawl of Los Angeles. While the world raged outside, the venue, particularly Out Of Order (the private club within Tenants), would become an oasis – an island in the middle of an existential desert. Like the name suggests, a perch was given to creative artists and musicians around the world – not just locally – who used the venue to debut and announce albums, put on secret performances and cathartically scream and dance their hearts out after the death of Bowie, Prince, Vanity, Cohen, Michael and many more. Tenants of the Trees’ master of ceremonies and gracious host – and owner – Reza Fahim, along with partner Jason Lev, gave the space to Autre on countless occasions for their iconic Friday Artist Take Over (FAT). Instead of doing the typical “best of” year end list, we decided to take a look back at one of the most mythic and fabled years of nightlife within the hallowed walls of Tenants Of The Trees, and Out Of Order. Click here to see more