A Visit To The Rodnik Band's Chateau Marmont Bungalow Hideaway

Autre got a chance to step into the whimsical and surreal world of The Rodnick Band, and what better place for the United Kingdom-based fashion-label-cum-art-collective than the famed Chateau Marmont where Philip Colbert, the brain child behind the brand, and his wife Charlotte, have been holding court for the past month at their private bungalow. The mid-century Craig Ellwood-designed bungalow was a temporary diorama replete with The Rodnik Band's wide range of delectable offerings, from lobster rugs to raw meat tables sitting on cigarette legs and pop art furniture. Philip modeled the brand's range of tailored suits, one with an exploding popcorn pattern. Charlotte donned a beaded and sequined dress inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's famous sunflower paintings. At the end, Philip took us for a spin in a BMW 7-series vinyl wrapped with his signature fried egg pattern. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper