Read Our Interview With the Legendary Genesis Breyer P'Orridge

After Genesis Breyer P’Orridge’s legendary “Prostitution” exhibition at the ICA in London – which included pornographic collages, bloody tampons, and prostitutes, transvestites, hustlers and punks intermingling with the audiences – P’Orridge was deemed a “wrecker of civilization” by House of Commons representative Nicholas Fairbairn. Coincidentally, at the same time that a debate was stirring in the Parliament and the House about the antics of P’Orridge and their neo-Dadaist art collective COUM Transmissions, they were in Kathmandu feeding and providing shelter for lepers, beggars and refugees at their own expense. Wrecker or healer – you decide. This weekend Genesis will be having a “Pandrogaragenous Avant-yard Sale” and blessing purchased items at the Jackie Klempay Gallery in Brooklyn. Autre was lucky enough to have a chat with Genesis before the opening to discuss rebellion, the importance of the subculture and more. Read the interview here