Watch The Online Premiere Of "Eat Me" A Gore Film By Remy Bennett and Anna del Gaizo

Eat Me is a short film by Remy (yes, granddaughter of Tony) Bennett and Broadly writer Anna del Gaizo as part of their recent installation at the SPRING/BREAK art show.  The film and subsequent installation are not without themes: desensitization, violence, anonymity, and social isolation among them. But Bennett, who gained indie film notoriety for her Lynchian romance ‘Buttercup Bill’ has been a horror obsessive her entire life, and really just wanted to make a gruesome and gory film. She found her story when she learned of her high school friend del Gaizo’s real life exploits in being a web cam girl. Del Gaizo gets to fictionalize her own experience in her performance in the film, and Bennett gets to create the horror scenario that she has dreamed of since childhood. Click here to read more.