Juergen Teller "Man With Banana"

Vivienne Westwood

It could be noted that the true face of Marc Jacobs is Juergen Teller. The german fashion photographer's images are so recognizable that the images in and of themselves are a personification of Teller himself. Teller, who was born in Germany in 1964, invented his own brand of 'snapshot' photography that has been imitated into oblivion.

Teller started his career in 1986 photographing celebrities for magazines. For Nirvana's album Smells Like Teen , Kurt Cobain called Teller and asked him to shoot the photos for the liner notes. What is so striking about Teller as a fashion photographer is that he has never once conceded by comprising his aesthetic to that of the fashion industry's. And his refusal to separate his personal work from his commercial work has made Teller's photography shockingly raw and painfully honest.

Last Friday saw the opening of a solo-exhibition at the Dallas Contemporary in Texas. Teller will present a selection of photographs specifically created for the exhibition. Juergen Teller: Man with Banana runs until August 2011. www.dallascontemporary.org