Highlights From Photo London 2017 @ Somerset House in London

Now in its third edition, Photo London has established itself as a world-class photography fair and as a catalyst for London’s dynamic photography community. From the capital’s major museums, to its auction houses, galleries large and small, right into the burgeoning creative communities in the East End and South London, Photo London harnesses the city’s outstanding creative talent and brings together the world’s leading photographers, curators, exhibitors, dealers and the public to celebrate photography, the medium of our time. Photo London will be on view from May 18 to May 21 at Somerset House in London. photographs by Flo Kohl

Juergen Teller To Curate An Exhibition Of Photographs By Robert Mapplethorpe in London

To coincide with what would have been the 70th birthday of the iconic American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, gallerist Alison Jacques has invited acclaimed UK-based, German-born photographer Juergen Teller to curate an exhibition of Mapplethorpe's work. Teller worked in collaboration with The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation in New York to make his selection. Teller On Mapplethorpe will open November 18, 2016 at Alison Jacques gallery in London. photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe

Go See Juergen Teller's Images of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West On View Now In London

One of the strangest and most talked about books of 2015 is Juergen Teller's "Kanye, Juergen & Kim," which was published by System Magazine, but never released. Idea Books put the book out and the world's axis tilted ever so slightly - mostly because of Kim's backside. Now you can see the photos and more at Phillips Gallery London until 20 November, 2015. 

Juergen Teller Woo! @ ICA London


Considered one of the most important photographers of his generation, Juergen Teller is one of a few artists who has been able to operate successfully both in the art world and the world of commercial photography. This exhibition will provide a seamless journey through his landmark fashion and commercial photography from the 90s, presenting classic images of celebrities such as Lily Cole, Kurt Cobain and Vivienne Westwood, as well as more recent landscapes and family portraits. Woo! will be on view until March 17, 2013 at ICA, The Mall, London 

Juergen Teller Outside His Exhibition at The Journal Gallery


Juergen Teller's exhibition Irene im Wald is currently on view at The Journal Gallery in Brooklyn. Irene im Wald is the first part of what Teller sees as a four-part series to be shot in the woods near the house in Erlangen, Germany, where he was raised. "Gebrüder Grimm, witches, the big bad wolf—the forest is one hell of a scary place, I thought. But even as a child I was drawn towards it—it was scary, but the beauty and the peacefulness of it all sucked me in." Juergen's next exhibition The Girl with the Broken Nose will be on view at the Palazzo Reale in Milan starting September 20 and an exhibition at ICA, London starting in January. Irene im Wald is on view until November 4 at The Journal Gallery, 168 North 1st Street Brooklyn NY photograph by Michael Nevin

Juergen Teller in New York


Presented in three parts, an upcoming exhibition at Lehman Maupin Gallery in New York, highlights three recent series, demonstrating Teller’s dynamic and diverse oeuvre. Featuring the controversial photographs of Kristen McMenamy and seductive portraits of Vivienne Westwood, juxtaposed with intimate portraits of his family and close friends, this exhibition displays an amalgam of subjects and personalities. The exhibition starts with Teller’s controversial series of photographs featuring Kristen McMenamy, shot in the home of Carlos Mollino. Drawing inspiration from the eccentric architect, Teller recalls Mollino’s fascination with the erotic, capturing McMenamy in provocative poses. Although the series garnered controversy for its alleged “pornographic” nature, it demonstrates Teller’s skilled storytelling and fearless approach to his medium. On view from February 10 to March 17, 2012 at the Lehman Maupin Gallery, 201 Chrystie Street, New York.

Juergen Teller "Man With Banana"

Vivienne Westwood

It could be noted that the true face of Marc Jacobs is Juergen Teller. The german fashion photographer's images are so recognizable that the images in and of themselves are a personification of Teller himself. Teller, who was born in Germany in 1964, invented his own brand of 'snapshot' photography that has been imitated into oblivion.

Teller started his career in 1986 photographing celebrities for magazines. For Nirvana's album Smells Like Teen , Kurt Cobain called Teller and asked him to shoot the photos for the liner notes. What is so striking about Teller as a fashion photographer is that he has never once conceded by comprising his aesthetic to that of the fashion industry's. And his refusal to separate his personal work from his commercial work has made Teller's photography shockingly raw and painfully honest.

Last Friday saw the opening of a solo-exhibition at the Dallas Contemporary in Texas. Teller will present a selection of photographs specifically created for the exhibition. Juergen Teller: Man with Banana runs until August 2011. www.dallascontemporary.org