All Utopias Fell

Artist Michael Oatman's All Utopias Fell sits atop the rafters of the old transistor factory in North Adams, Massachusetts–now home to the Massachusetts Museum of Modern Art.   Constructed from an old airstream trailer and parachutes as if it just dropped in from outer space. "...1970s-era ‘satellite’ that has crash-landed at MASS MoCA. This beautifully reflective, repurposed Airstream trailer – with large parachutes and active solar panels – is inspired by an earlier era of pulp aeronauts like Buck Rogers, Tom Swift and Tom Corbett: Space Cadet, as well as the works of Giotto, Jules Verne, NASA, and Chris Marker’s 1962 film La Jetée. Visitors will be allowed to climb a staircase and enter into the craft where they will encounter The Library of the Sun. Hybridizing a domestic space, a laboratory and a library, it has the feel of a hermitage, where the occupant will ‘be right back’, only it is 30 years later.

Text and Photography by Oliver Maxwell Kupper for Pas Un Autre