Pornography and Motherhood

Madison Young isn't your average pornstar – she's an artist, a feminist, and a sexual educator. Young, born Tina Butcher, caused uproar when she exhibited a show, entitled Becoming Milf, at her gallery Femina Potens Art Gallery, that explored her own new found motherhood, as well as the societal myths and stereotypes of motherhood.  The above photograph caused such a controversy that some accused Young of pedophilia. "I’m brand new to motherhood.  My little girl is only eight weeks old right now.  I’m sure that sharing my life with my daughter will inspire, influence and affect my work in different ways as she gets older.  Right now, as the mother of a newborn, one of my greatest challenges is time.  I’ve always tried to balance more than is humanly possible in a day but now I have a tiny little being who needs and demands my attention 24/7.  I’ve had to really prioritize what areas of my life I need to be giving my energy to right now.  I’ll be working mostly local for at least Emma’s first year, and if I decide to take out of state or country gigs next year then it will be a family affair.  I take Emma along with me whenever I can, such as to university speaking engagements and to the art gallery, and Daddy watches Emma during the more adult-oriented work experiences."