AOI KOTSUHIROI: Exotic Regrets Chapter IV

"Her hair filled her mouth sometimes, it was the time when nothing should say. She had her two horns in each hand, to hear the heart of the animals. And when the sound of the bones told her something, she came to restrain her tears...." Aoi Kotsuhiroi

Aoi Kotsuhiroi releases the fourth chapter of her brilliant sartorial epic entitled Exotic Regrets. A beautiful, rare breed indeed – part designer, part poet, part mystic – Kotsuhiroi's new chapter is full of "objects of the cold" that are perfect for fall.  Kotsuhiroi is currently part of a group exhibition held at the Some/Things Secret Space in Paris. The exhibition – & He Went to the Sea in his Carriage & Horses – is inspired by the life and work of Raimondo Di Sangro – Prince of San Sevro, alchemist, scientist, magician, and heretic.  The exhibition will be on view until the end of Paris fashion week.