Plugged In

Daniele Buetti is a Swiss artist working in photography, video, sound, drawing, light box, sculpture, and digitally assisted work. Buetti makes use of advertising tools to expose the frailty of popular culture, explore our perceptions of beauty, and reveal the omnipotence of the media in our society. In Buetti’s works, beautiful colors and figures merge with light reveal unspoken feelings of ambivalence and despair, asking what function the role of media plays in the formationof identity, and questioning whether society can form identity without the media’s influence. Buetti uses light to attract the viewer in the same seductive way that the media uses beauty, forcing us to realize the inherent manipulation.Jenkins Johnson Gallery is presents Plugged In, a group exhibition of forward-thinking artists working with the electronic arts. All of the artists, including Buetti, Jeremy Bert,  and Andrew Bovasso, take contemporary approaches to their conceptual missions and use non-traditional media. Plugged in opens September 15 and runs through October 29.