Jill Greenberg's 'Glass Ceiling'

Jill Greenberg_Glass Ceiling_American_girl_doll_billboard_art

Los Angeles - photo of a billboard that was up until a few days ago on Sunset Boulevard featuring a photograph, as part of a series entitled entitled Glass Ceiling: American Girl Doll,  by Los Angeles based artist Jill Greenberg. Billboard was commissioned by LA><ART, a non-profit arts space, to serve as "a compelling juxtaposition of imagery and pictorial intent" in juxtaposition to the other billboards that line the famous boulevard. In 2010 Greenberg hired professional synchronized swimmers and photographed them while herself scuba diving in a Culver City swimming pool. She was severely physically restricted in a wetsuit, with over 50 pounds of scuba gear including an air tank, weights and a massive and state-of-the-art camera system with underwater lights, which captured the 180 megapixel images allowing for an unprecedented level of information in each image. Glass Ceiling marks Greenberg’s return to her explorations throughout the 90s of the depiction of the female body.