Jessie Rose Vala: Future Teller

Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco presents Future Teller from artist artist Jessie Rose Vala. Vala is known for her site specific installations that emphasize her diverse skill with multiple media backgrounds. Future Teller is an elaborate three dimensional mythology that serves as the artist’s personal investigation into Man’s fall from ‘Paradise’, as depicted in a utopian existence. Many cultures and religions maintain a belief in a ‘Tree of Life’ or a ‘Great Tree’ that describes or reflects the human journey back to a spiritually divine existence. Vala’s prior installations have involved rebirth and decay as primary theme, and this new body of work also follows that path, examining the subject from both eastern and western perspectives. Her graphite drawings directly interact with and support the other aspects of the installation.This encompassing environment has been built through the meticulous layering of materials over a six month period between Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR. Future Teller was conceptualized by Vala and presentation will be assisted by San Francisco based independent writer and curator, Gabe Scott. Future Teller is on view until November 25 at Ever Gold Gallery, 441 O'Farrel Street, San Francisco.