Le regard de personae

Malou Swinnen (b. 1944, Neerpelt) lives and works in Hasselt. As an artist she enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad and her pictures are regularly exhibited. They are also part of several collections, such as Photography Museums (Antwerp and Charleroi), the Ministry of the Flemish Community, the National Library in Paris, and various private collections. The fascination for the face, skin, the pose, the look and attributes are constants in her work. In 2010 she was invited by the Kunstbank (Art Bank) for artistic research. While studying their exclusive collection of textiles and accessories she re-portrayed the looks and the genre and in that way gets the series "Personae" (1995) a new follow-up. Malou Swinnen exhibits the new series "Le regard de personae" at the Fashion Museum Hasselt in Belgium until January 8.