Lisa Solberg STALKER at THIS Los Angeles

THIS Los Angeles presents Stalker, a solo installation of mixed media by Lisa Solberg opening tonight. Lisa uses reflective insulation panels and cutting techniques to create a world of poetic, bold and thoughtful imagery focused on the sublime. The combining of ink and paint to the finished surfaces compliments the inherent dynamics of the material. The work is intimate and echoes the bold and provocative sentiments of public spaces. Lisa Solberg has presented an aesthetic both primitive, subjective and haunting, her uninhibited display of passion and talent with both the imagery and materials have displayed a unique world and quality of otherness. The panels on view mimic pieces of a large puzzle to complete the Stalker environment and thought, exposing Solberg’s personal expressions, desires and intimacies. Lisa Solberg, born 1983 in Chicago, is an expressionist artist currently living in Los Angeles. Stalker will be on view from June 15 to July 14 at THIS Los Angeles, 5906 North Figueroa Street Los Angeles, California