Judith Supine: Too Much For One Man

Jonathan LeVine Gallery presents Too Much For One Man, a series of new works by acclaimed Brooklyn-based artist Judith Supine, in what will be his first solo exhibition at the gallery. Using his mother’s maiden name as an alias to keep his identity anonymous, Judith Supine has become renowned in the street art scene for his distinct style, unique wheatpastes on building façades and impressive placement of public interventions in daring locations throughout New York City. In 2007, he hung a 50-foot figure off the side of the Manhattan Bridge, in 2008 he left a piece floating in the East River and then in 2009 he left one in a Central Park pond, one in a Queens sewer and another on the highest point of the Williamsburg Bridge. In recent years, Supine has focused more on studio work and elaborate gallery installations. His process involves a pastiche of printed ephemera. Supine describes the collage technique as “combining seemingly disparate images to reveal something that wasn’t previously apparent.” Too Much For One Man is on view October 6, at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY