Jonas Mekas: Reminiscences of a Displaced Person

James Fuentes gallery presents an exhibition of photographs by Jonas Mekas. Images out of Darkness recounts the years that Jonas Mekas and his brother Adolfas lived in Wiesbaden, Germany , in a displa ced persons camp. In 1944, a rrested by the Nazi’s a s they fled Lithuania, the brothers were placed in a forced labor camp where they worked in a machine factory.The brothers escaped and were detained near the Danish border where they hid on a farm for two months until the end of the war. After the war, they lived in displaced persons camps first in Wiesbaden and then in Kassel/Mattenberg. Between 1946-48 Mekas studied philosophy at the University of Mainz, the brothers immigrated to New York City in 1949 with assistance from the UN. Two weeks a fter his arrival in New York Jonas borrowed money to buy his first Bolex camera and began to record brief moments of his life. Mekas is considered a pioneer of diaristic cinema and a "god father to American avant-garde cinemat, his commitment to life as subject continues to this day and he has had exhibitions in major cultural institutions across the world. Images out of Darkness marks Jonas Mekas’ first visual essay. Jonas Mekas: Images Out Of Darkness, Images of A Displaced Person, Post War Germany 1945 to 1949 will be on view until October 28 at James Fuente Gallery, 55 Delancey Street, New York