Urs Fischer @ Eden Rock Gallery in St. Barths

Gagosian Gallery presents an exhibition of tables by Urs Fischer in St. Barts entitled Tables, Chairs and Arms. Continuously searching for new sculptural solutions, Fischer has built houses out of bread; enlivened empty space with mechanistic jokes; deconstructed objects and then replicated them; and transferred others from three dimensions to two and back again via photographic processes. The works to which the title alludes are tables that combine large resin-coated photomontages with multicolored steel geometric bases. The jokey surrealist montages juxtapose images both found and manipulated—a pair of sausages, a cartoon snail, a graffiti-covered wall, an open mouth, a Hong Kong supermarket. Blurring the distinctions between photography, collage, sculpture, and furniture, the tables are objects both aesthetic and useful, filling the gallery with a presence that is at once visually arresting and socially convivial. Tables, Chairs and Arms will be on view until January 31, 2013 at Eden Rock Gallery, in St. Barths.