Set Pieces @ Cardi Black Box in Milan, Italy

Deviating from the standard white box of exhibiting shows, curators Lauren Mackler and Andrew Berardini invited four Los Angeles-based artists to create sets for showcasing other artists’ works. At once puzzling and defusing, some sets interweave consciousness with their assigned works while others sweep pieces into a bizarre narrative. Barely lit up by gel-filtered stage lights, the show reads part Universal Studios, part journey into a TV-fueled collective subconscious. Sets by Sarah Cain, Liz Glynn, Samara Golden, and Mateo Tannatt and works by the likes of Raymond Pettibon. Set Pieces, curated by Andrew Berardini and Lauren Mackler will be on view until April 2015, at Cardi Black Box Corso di Porta Nuova, 38 Milano. Text and photographs by Yanyan Huang