MARK MULRONEY @ Mixed Greens

Mixed Greens presents Mark Mulroney’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery, entitled We're Never Getting Rescued With That Attitude. The drawings, carved wood panels, murals, and objects shows began with the simple vision of a man stranded on a desert island with a palm tree, two coconuts, and maybe a girl. While many people spent time in 2012 contemplating the Mayan calendar and mankind’s eventual demise, Mulroney turned his focus to the idea of paradise. Ageless one-liner jokes involving a man stranded on an island began to remind him of his own situation in the studio. The simple idea of the studio-as-island quickly gave way to a more complicated vision where the island is both an escape and a prison.We're Never Getting Rescued With That Attitude will on view until March 16, 2013 at Mixed Greens, 531 W. 26th Street, First Floor, New York, New York. Photographs by Austin McManus