Enigmatic Art Collective Grupo Anan Opens "Trader Joe's Lounge" @ Sade Gallery In Los Angeles

Mysterious art collective, or duo, Grupo Anan, whose Instagram bio says it is based either in London, or Bolivia or Los Angeles – who really knows – presents Trader Joe's Lounge at Sade Gallery In Los Angeles. The exhibition explores the Polynesian myth of Tiki, or the first man, who saw his reflection in a puddle of water. Thinking that the reflection was another person, he throws dirt on to what is really his reflection and the first woman is born. The show explores the commercialization and reapprropraion of these cultures and myths in a post-war America, especially with the "TIki fad" of the 1950s. You can stop by Trader Joe's Lounge until November 1st and explore the exhibition - Mai Tai's will be served – at Sade Gallery, 204 S Ave 19, Los Angeles, CA. photographs by Sara Clarken