Continuous Surfaces: Sara Cwynar, Lukas Geronimas, Josh Reames, Cole Sayer @ Andrea Rosen Gallery

Andrea Rosen Gallery presents Continuous Surfaces. The exhibition features new work by Sara Cwynar, Lukas Geronimas, Josh Reames, and Cole Sayer. Writing in Artforum, Alexander Provan proposed that “every era has its interface, and every interface determines how we relate to the world.” If the late 20th century was defined by the graphical user interface made popular by personal computers, the early 21st century is marked by the proliferation of touch screens, which mediate increasingly broad swaths of everyday life. Touch screen devices like phones and tablet computers represent a radically new kind of surface, one that is both physically flat and thin, but experientially depthless. Continuous Surfaces will be on view until October 24 at Andrea Rosen Gallery, 544 West 24th Street, New York.