Watch The Strange Hyper-Digital Trailer For Ryan Ridge and Mel Bosworth's Must Read Book Of Short Stories

Step into Camouflage Country and meet a nation of misfits only masquerading as such. For these up-and-comers, down-and-outs, and good-for-nothings move through Ryan Ridge’s and Mel Bosworth’s microfictions with a zealousness that obliges rockets and octopus-men, devil babies and light eaters. Yet their earnestness also submits to stories like ‘Dust Bowling,’ ‘The Power of Pie Compels You,’ and ‘Cuckolding Down the Fort,’ which reveal the collection’s swift motion across the hilarious–heartbreaking spectrum. Featuring the illustrations of Jacob Heustis, Camouflage Country is a flipbook of faces incapable of concealment—too original to be overlooked, too distinctive to be forgotten. Click here to purchase.