Young Fathers Premier Music Video for 'Shame' Off New Album

Edinburgh based Young Fathers, who last year won the Mercy Prize for their album Dead, premier a new music video for the track 'Shame' off their new album - entitled White Men Are Black Men Too (Big Dada). The video was brilliantly directed by Jeremy Cole, who remarks that it "...reflects the dichotomy of the track’s mix of intensity with joy and euphoria." The band has a grander statement about the video and about the Post Pop genre as a whole: 

"What.  Now? Can’t we just leave it to moulder away in the corner?  Do we have to keep prodding it with a stick?  Frankensteining it? Remember the melodious sweet times, the soundtracks to the moments, the whistling and skipping along, the arm in arm, girls together against the world, the boys trash it up, smash it up, school leaving day, first day at the desk-face, did we just make a baby groovy times? It died, didn’t it?  Just passed slowly away.  In its sleep. We’re feeling mischievous, though.  Wanna mess it up.  One more time for daddy.  One more dance around the maypole.  Do the zombie twist.  For the memories. No shame. Squeezing the last few drops before it’s over-analysed into the very computer screen, a shadow burn of an ecstatic smile.  Just another product.  This, is just another product and that’s the way you should take it.  There’s no shame in that."