A Mechanic Falls In Love With A Porsche in New Lapalux Music Video directed by Nick Rutter

Having previously collaborated with incredible results not once, but twice - on Lapalux's “Without You”" music video and Nick's short film Chrysalis in 2013 - Lapalux and Nick Rutter have joined forces once again to create a music video for "Puzzle (feat. Andreya Triana)" from Lapalux's second album Lustmore (recently released via Brainfeeder). Starring James Eeles (Peaky Blinders, My Big Fat Diary) and a 1989 Porsche (model 944) it's a tender and warped love story of a mechanic called Leon who is possessed by love, but no ordinary love . . . he has mechanophilia (the love or sexual attraction to machines, including cars). In an enclosed and surreal world where his dreams, hallucinations and visions feel wholly real, Leon tries to make sense of his spiralling emotions. And when the penny drops, can he make the right choice?