#RAWHIDE co-Curated by Dylan Brant & Vivian Brodie Opening At Venus Over Manhattan In New York

#RAWHIDE is an exhibition - co-Curated by Dylan Brant & Vivian Brodie - of paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs from the nineteenth century to present that together chronicle the cowboy’s rise to omnipresence in art. He has long been a vehicle through which artists are able to interpret and articulate their relationship to American identity. For that reason, the cowboy’s portrayal at any given time is both a critique and a reflection of our nation’s values and desires. This icon is a testament to the artist’s ability to recognize the universality, longevity and potential of this American symbol. #RAWHIDE will be on view until July 11, 2015 at Venus Over Manhattan, 980 Madison Ave, New York. photographs by Eric Morales