Artist Bjarne Melgaard on His Upcoming Show 'Daddies Like You Don't Grow On Palm Trees' @ Sammlung Friedrichshof

We here at Autre have a bit of fascination with New York based, Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard. His art is brutal, poignant, poetic and always adventurous. After his controversial show at the Munch Museum in Oslo - entitled 'Melgaard & Munch: The End Of It All Has Already Happened' - Melgaard is paying a strange homage to Viennese Actionist Otto Muehl. The show, entitled 'Daddies Like You Don't Grow On Palm Trees,' also explores his relationship with his lover, who is nearly 30 years his junior. Here is what Melgaard says about his upcoming exhibition, "This show is about the failure and synthesis of a sculpture I made some 15 years ago called Light Bulb Man.The genesis of the show was to take that sculpture and simply wash it out into new models of materialization, mixed together with several collaborations as random references to my fashion collection about disappointment and the pleasure attendant to that whole concept. All the fabrics in the exhibition have been designed by Babak Radboy of SHANZHAI BIENNIAL, specifically incorporating images of my boyfriend, David Oramas, me and of Light Bulb Man.The fabrics then were given to the designers to dress nine new sculptures that are remakes of the Light Bulb Man. The show also clearly references MDMT and LSD as a significant inspiration for the show and looks at the healing aspect of these substances and how they can open up consciousness and how psychedelics can be, if one is open to it, a tool to enter your inner core. The "Bad Daddy" aspect of the show takes into consideration and contextualizes the fact that I am 48 and my lover is 21 and with all the different mechanics inherent in that attraction. It’s also a show based on seduction and intrigue along matters of age and time, themes that were fundamental to the original Light Bulb Man. The balance of the show will feature an improvised pop-up shop, soundtracks, and new paintings that will infiltrate the permanent collection of the Sammlung Friedrichshof." Daddies Like You Don't Grow On Palm Trees will be on view from May 16 to November 30, 2015 at Sammlung Friedrichshof, Zurndorf