Zachary Armstrong 'Goodnight Bojangles' @ Night Gallery

In Goodnight Moon, a childlike bunny says good night to the contents of her bedroom one by one: "Goodnight, room. Goodnight, moon." The beloved children's book illustrates a familiar and simple ritual through playful means. Ritual and childhood are Ohio based artist Zachary Armstrong's main points of origin, mined throughout his diverse practice, from wallpaper and neon signs, to lamps and paintings. Most often it is his own early years or those of his son that are referenced. Armstrong does this partly to conjure a more naïve moment in one's life, emphasizing the difference in knowingness between a former and current self and creating a nostalgic distance in his mind as well as in the viewer. Zachary Armstrong 'Goodnight Bojangles' will be on view until May 16, 2015 at Night Gallery. photographs by Lee Thompson