Road Trips and Indie Cinema: Read Our Interview with Filmmakers India Menuez, Adinah Dancyger and Victoria Cronin

photograph Patrick Hoelck

There is a good chance that if you live in New York and travel in a certain artsy circle, or if you flip through your favorite fashion magazine, or watch your favorite indie movie, you are going to see an other-worldly site: a poised young woman with striking copper red features by the name of India Salvator Menuez. India is a part of a crew of bright young artists exploring the fields of fine art, performative art, film, and more, under the moniker of the Luck You Collective. Currently, India, and fellow collective members of Luck You Adinah Dancyger and Victoria Cronin are raising funds to film a road trip movie called Girl Props. Click here to read our interview with the filmmakers.