Melike Kara “Lunch” Salon Kennedy in Frankfurt, Germany

Salon Kennedy presents Melike Kara “Lunch” – her first solo exhibition in Frankfurt. In her work, Melike Kara first and foremost allows the being to emerge without any evaluation. She questions the notion of duality between form and formlessness, incurrence and dissolution, focusing on the correspondence between groups and singular figures. Attitude, gesture and facial expression visualize social constellation, transmitting undefined content without ever being specific. Yet, by reflecting common, everyday social encounters, the figures seem utterly familiar. Emanating from the being, the artist allows the canvas to react upon all these emotions. The color however, is deliberately selected to provide a form and frame to the painting´s inner life. Melike Kara “Lunch” will be on view until July 31, 2015 at Salon Kennedy, Cultural Avenue HQ Frankfurt am Main