Night Gallery Presents "Sunset Strrip" @ The Battery Social Club in San Francisco

Los Angeles based Night Gallery collaborated with the Thomas Moller and Matthew Bernstein, directors of the art program at The Battery Social Club in San Francisco to present a group show called "Sunset Strrip" featuring artists like Derek Boshier, Mira Dancy, Sojourner Truth Parsons and more. "In the 60s the Sunset Strip was dirrty. Dirrty in the trash that covered the avenues and dirrty in the deals that went down between hustlers on the street and those in cars. Dirrty hands shook behind asbestos walls while polyester fabrics brimmed with dirrty sweat and car exhaust. Today Sunset Strip is very different, operating more like a television commercial through which you drive. Massive billboards consume your visual attention leaving little else to be absorbed.The new strrip has moved southeast. It runs through downtown Los Angeles,  beginning at the Fashion District and ending at Dames-N-Games. This is Night Gallery’s neighborhood." Sunset Strrip will be on view until October 11, 2015 at the Battery Social Club, 717 Battery St, San Francisco, CA. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper