Photographer Rita Lino Explores Ten Years of Uninhibited and Unabashed Sexuality In A New Photo Book of Self Portraiture

Rita Lino is a photographer that Autre has been following for a little over five years now. The first picture she ever sent us is a photograph of her reading a National Geographic atlas with a hand down her panties. We've also featured editorials and an exclusive short video feature. What we didn't know is that Lino was in the process of a decade long photographic exploration of her own sexuality and femininity through a series of self portraits that are captured in a gorgeous and provocative new monograph called Entartete (German for Degenerate) – published by Éditions du LIC. "Despite their raw unselfconsciousness, Lino’s images are more than mere snapshots; touching simultaneously on voyeurism, loneliness, the manipulative power of the camera, and the urge to connect with others, through, within, and apart from technology and media. Repeatedly concealing their message, necessarily strange and ambiguous, Lino´s images construct a self that is mutable and elusive." With Entartete, it is proof that this emerging Portugese photographer is moving to a newer, more mature chapter of her artistic career. Click here to purchase.