Eckhaus Latta's New Fashion Film "Roach" Perfectly Captures the Lonliness of A Post-Internet World

Ever wonder what life was like through the hole of a pierced septum? Directed by Alexa Karolinski, Eckhaus Latta's fall/winter 15 collection film is a pastiche of diary-esque snapshots of the human condition in an era where binge watching television is a reality and reality itself is a virtual mirage set against the backdrop of green screens in a darkened room. Eckhaus Latta has a distinct history for pushing the boundaries when it comes to projecting their sartorially visions - each one of their fashion films finds a way to capture the essence of the collection in a distinct thematic way. For "Roach," the label has tasked Dev Hynes to create the soundtrack and Nora Slade to read a poem penned by the designers for a romantic ambiance that has us yearning for shelter as the impending winter gets closer and closer.