30 Days In The Amazonian Jungles, Snow Capped Peaks and Incan Villages of Peru

Holy Patte, who took us on a tour of Ecuador last week, present one of their most exciting journeys yet with an action packed, 30 day adventure through Peru. Just another long stop on their 4 month long excursion of South America, which has also taken them to Costa Rica and Colombia. On their exciting adventure through Peru, they first took a journey through the Amazon where they slept in wooden huts on stilts, eating piranhas for breakfast and holding wild sloths right from the trees. After trekking through the muggy jungles, it was off to the Huascaran National Park where the pair hiked through the freezing, snowy mountain peaks - camping all along the way. The it was off to a romantic motorbike excursion to the Incan capital of Peru, Cuzco and all the surrounding villages. Stay tuned until next week when we feature highlights from Holy Patte's journey through Bolivia.